Kate Keleher 

Having a baby is the most special, exciting and a bit overwhelming time in your life. It is magical, yet there is so much unknown…

There are so many thoughts, ideas and decisions. Everything from how you envision your pregnancy to how and where you want to deliver.  

I became a Doula because I had someone help me with all the unknowns and to help me understand all of my options when I was having babies.

I sought out someone who I trusted to help guide me every step of the way.

Someone who was smart; knew the answer to the questions I had and knew the answers to the questions I didn’t know I had

She took time with me – listened to me - reassured me – informed me – guided me and treated me with a tender care and respect that even as I write this now, I am so grateful to her.

I’ve been honored to work with many Moms and Dads, over the years and all over the country, emulating the love, assurance, commitment and confidence that my Doula did for me.

I have a focused, intimate confidence with everyone I work with.

You are an individual and although women have been having babies since time began, your experience…is unique & so incredibly powerful!


An enlightening experience for me: 

The first woman I was a Doula for, was just a girl….A single young teen mother.

She wasn’t sure she wanted to keep or place her baby for adoption.

My role in her life was to guide, educate, prepare and to assist in her delivery when the baby came and then hopefully she would be readied to make the most important decision in her life.

She did the work.  She trusted me. 

She took it on and she delivered a little boy.

She placed that sweet boy, lovingly with no doubt, yet with loving sadness into the hands of a family that could care for him in a way that she could not at that time.

She did an amazing job!  I told her she was courageous and the most loving wonderful mother!


It would be my honor to support you and your family