From their perspective...

 "Words cannot express how grateful I am to have had Kate as part of my birth team, but I will do my best to capture the difference she made in my labor & delivery experience. When I found out I was being induced for high blood pressure, a fear overwhelmed me as I realized it was time for me to give birth. I called Kate and she reminded me that I was prepared for this. Kate had walked us through the labor experience  weeks before in our birthing class and been on the phone with me every step of the way leading up to this point; her confidence in me was steady as my own was wavering. She grounded me, and helped me breath through, process and release my fear.

When she got to the hospital, Kate was immensely helpful in making my labor experience a positive one. She massaged my scalp to help sooth a headache, she braided my hair, she used essential oils to keep me calm & confident, and she applied pressure to help me through contractions on the yoga ball. Every step of the way, Kate was supporting and encouraging me. And not only that, but she empowered me to advocate for myself and utilize my voice when necessary. Kate was with me every step of the way from when I was unsure if I was truly in labor, to when I was told I’d be induced, to the powerful and surreal moment when I met my daughter.

Besides dramatically improving my labor experience, Kate also gave my husband & I an experience we would surely not have had without her. Kate has shown us video clips of infants crawling to their mother’s breasts & latching on their own, and we decided to give it a try. The life altering experience of meeting our daughter was made even more special as we watched her do exactly what we had seen in the videos. We were in awe of our baby girl showing us just how natural breastfeeding truly is.

I can not recommend Kate enough as a doula. I can say from experience that she is SURE to improve your experience and help you feel supported, encouraged, and dare I say pampered while you labor & birth your precious baby. And she doesn’t leave you at the hospital, she will continue supporting you in the days to follow as you make the transition into the beautiful world of motherhood."

Amy Cosentino - December 2018

"As a first time mother I did not know what to expect with whole labor process and had a lot of anxiety about it initially. Kate was not only a wealth of knowledge but extremely caring and reassuring throughout the entire process. She is easy going when needed yet gives firm advice and coaching as well.  My labor plan did not go as I had hoped as ended up having to be induced due to water breaking early on with little dilation, and was unable to get through early labor at home as I had hoped due to other complications.  I was not mentally prepared for the intensity and pain of laboring with pictocin being amped up every hour, and towards the end was in an extreme amount of pain. After being at the hospital for 4 hours or so, we called Kate and she was there at 2 in the morning by our side coaching us through the painful contractions and trying to keep me calm. My husband is amazing and was a rock for me as well,  but let me tell you I was very happy when Kate showed up! She was extremely helpful in guiding me through breathing, various positions and other pain management techniques including massage and this made a huge difference as I had an extreme amount of back pain and muscles spasms throughout.  She was able to take me through 6-7 hours of hard labor when I finally ended up having to have an epidural with a smooth transition to the end of labor to follow, and only 30-45 minutes of pushing. I feel going into the pushing process I was completely calm and felt 100% more confident with the tips Kate had given me and her presence by my side. Would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a doula. Totally worth every dollar spent! Thanks Kate for everything, we will never forget our experience with you!" - Heather 3/13/18

"We had an absolutely amazing experience with Kate as our Doula for the birth of our daughter Daisy. Leading up to the birth Kate was consistently checking in with us to see how I was feeling and how things with the pregnancy were going. At our 34 week meeting Kate made sure all of our questions were answer and that we understood what to expect during the birth. During labor Kate was instrumental in helping me focus and involving my fiancé in the process so he knew how to support and empower me. My birth did not end up going according to my birth plan, but Kate was there every step of the way. She even followed up with me several times after Daisy’s arrival to help me sort through my feelings about things not going as planned. Kate is just so wonderful. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a Doula" - Alexe (2/16/18)

I am convinced that, at a certain point in every birth, a mom comes to a place where she thinks to herself, “Someone is going to have to do this for me.” The experience is not something for which a birthing class, workout routine, mental exercise, or even a prior birth can fully prepare you. Because of this, I knew going into it that I wanted someone who could support me through every step of the process—and not just any person but a professional who really understood the ins and out of labor and all of the elements that make it successful. Kate was that person for me. She checked in with me throughout my pregnancy, was in constant contact with me after my water broke prematurely, and was at the hospital within minutes of my request for her to come. She listened to and respected my birth preferences while also listening to and respecting the opinions of the medical professionals involved. Most importantly, the minute she entered the hospital room she took charge, allowing me to relax my mind and my body and to focus purely on the task at hand. Kate coached me through every breath of every contraction. She massaged my back for four straight hours, applying pressure as needed to help me manage the pain. She moved me into the optimal positions for labor, helping to speed it up when I could handle it and to slow it down when I could not. Kate’s presence and techniques were as good or better than any epidural, so much so that the four and a half hours of active labor I experienced with her by my side were far more manageable than the little bit of early labor I experienced before she arrived. At exactly the point in which I thought to myself, “Someone is going to have to do this for me,” Kate showed up and made it possible for me to do it myself. Because of Kate—and only because of her—I was able to have the natural birth that I wanted. I honestly could not have done it on my own, and I will be forever grateful for her support in helping me achieve the dream birth I’d always envisioned. After it was all said and done, my husband, who was not into the idea of hiring a doula at first—both for the additional cost and the “hippie” connotations—and who eventually conceded only in having one present at the birth of our first, said, “WOW! We need to have a doula present at the birth of all of our children. Kate was worth every penny! I never want to do this without her.” And I could not agree with him more." - Laura 3/14/18

"If you're looking for a Doula look no further. Ashley is your gal. From the moment we met Ashley we knew we had found our match. Her energy and passion for her profession shined through her action through out the entire process. There was never a moment we second guessed our decision to work with her. Dads!!!!!! You need a Doula. Every time I saw a new coupe walk through the halls without a doula I cried a little for them. Ashley is a rock for both you and your wife. She will help as much as needed or as little as possible. I was very involved in my wife's birth and there was never a moment I felt weird about having another person in the room to help us through this journey. Ashley maintained professionalism and brought a calmness to our experience. I can hands down say she's the best! She's worth every dollar and some." - Lawrence (Gilbert) - 11/8/16

"How can I put into words the amazing experience I had during birth with Ashley as my doula. This was my first birth and first experience with using a doula for my labor and delivery. I was looking for a doula who could be supportive of my decisions during labor, but also someone who could help me make informed decisions. After meeting Ashley at our initial visit, I knew our personalities would mesh well together throughout this journey.
Ashley was there with encouraging words throughout my pregnancy and was available to answer questions or provide resources. This was the same as I progressed into labor. Ashley was there as soon as I or my husband called. She encouraged me and validated me every step of the way. She was a shoulder to lean on or cry on throughout labor and continued to support the decisions I made as labor progressed. I was in labor for 35 hours and Ashley was there for me the entire time, not leaving my side once we called her to meet us at the hospital. 
I will be forever grateful to this amazing women for all that she provided and would highly recommend her to anyone considering the use of a labor doula. We also used Ashley for her placenta encapsulation services as well as her all natural product line. The "V" Spray is amazing for healing and the "Gnarly Nips" cream really does the trick. Please, please, please if you are considering the use of a doula look up Ashley and give her a call, you will not be disappointed. I know for a fact we would make use of her services in the future if and when we become pregnant again." - Pamela (Gilbert) - 9/11/16

"One of the best decisions we made in pregnancy was deciding to have a doula, and Ashley was the best! She is efficient, knowledgeable, experienced and fun! I was striving to have a natural birth and was also interested in my husband having someone to help guide him in supporting me during the process. 

Ashley met with us in our home weeks prior to our due date to teach me how to breathe, how to position myself in different ways during labor, how to respond to the contractions, how to be prepared for labor and the hospital, etc. My husband was taught how to help relieve some of my pain through massage, how to encourage me and how to help me stay as relaxed as possible to find my way through the pain. She taught us what to look for in the early stages or labor and how to respond. When the time came, we stayed in contact with Ashley as things were starting to progress and when things seemed to really be happening, she joined us in our home to help assess the labor and guide us through. The pain was intense, but with my husband's and Ashley's help, I continued persevering through contraction after contraction. After 35 hours of laboring at home, off to the hospital we went. Ashley walked me up to L & D while my husband parked and grabbed our bags. While in Triage, she focused on me and my needs, advocating for us where she could and allowing my husband to deal with all the questions being asked by nurses that I was incapable of answering in my current state. It was invaluable having the attention and coaching I really needed during that intense time. 

Upon being checked in to Triage, it was discovered that I was fully dilated and our baby was at a +2 station, ready to be born. Not an hour and a half after first arrival at the hospital, or precious little one arrived. Ashley coached my husband and me through the pushing process, and allowed us to successfully pull off a 37 hour natural labor and delivery! So grateful for her making it possible for us to achieve that! She took beautiful pictures of our baby's birth and our first moments together as a family which we will forever cherish. 

After we were settled in back at home, Ashley came over to check on us and revisit the whole experience. She encapsulated my placenta to help me ward off postpartum depression and made a tincture that will last through a lifetime of challenges and changes. Even to this day, a few months later, we still have Ashley checking in on us through text every so often. She has a network of other specialists for referral to help with lactation, chiropractics, etc., both before and after delivery. 

We are so grateful to have found Ashley and for all her help in helping us getting our precious bundle into our arms safe and sound! Thank you, Ashley!" - Consie (Scottsdale Mama) - 12/26/16

"Words cannot describe how blessed we as a family are to have met and used Ashley/LoveBug's skills/services for our 2nd child given the potential chaos we could have had if we decided to juggle baby #2 on our own with no outside assistance up until birth.

I'm a Bradley Birth Coach Dad so everyone knows (if you aren't familiar then check out the Bradley Method), long and short I'm very involved with my wife's laboring and the eventual delivery. I knew what needed to be done, how to advocate for my wife to the hospital staff, how to be there both physically AND emotionally during her home laboring and the eventual trip to the hospital and into the LnD room at HonorHealth Shea Campus.

Wifey and I decided though that w/ our 1st born being SUPER routine orientated and very Mama/Dada dependent and having minimal family/assistance in Gilbert we needed to have someone who could easily step in and take my place as the Coach for my wife until/if able to resume back into that role. So we started looking and reading up on Doulas that struck as potential matches we'd be interested in meeting and possibly utilizing. Spoiler alert! We kept coming back to Ashley's profile more and more and just immediately felt an awesome potential... 

So in our first meeting it was a very casual meet and greet where Ashley wanted to know WHAT WE WANTED AND HOW WE WANTED IT DONE! This was music to our ears, something that immediately told us both that we had chosen the right Doula for our 2nd child. She was very clear with me as a husband that she was never there to muscle me out, out coach, out talk, etc etc. She was my tag team partner in all aspects going in and knew that I needed a wing woman in the event I had to stay home w/ our 1st while my wife went to the hospital w/ Ashley to begin the delivery process. 

Fast forward to our 2nd meeting, everything was clicking and firing on all cylinders which just solidified our decision to pick her. She has her own line of essential type creams, applications, tinctures, etc etc.. And look I am not going to schmooze, up sell, or BS anyone.. Plain and simple: BUY THEM! They are fantastic items and I/My wife both love using them on our 2nd son as opposed to the over the counter alternatives.

We fortunately were able to secure family to help w/ our 1st born so I could drive to the hospital. Ashley was right behind us at all times, my wife was in active labor, I was driving and coaching, calling her OB and playing the 30 questions of "we're the after hours call center monkeys who won't call your doc until you pass us", and trying to ensure we didn't get pulled over by AZ DPS for probably nearly leaving a flame trail on the Loop 202 to the 101 to Shea. Ashley was a rock star talking w/ me, my wife, and also the hospital to ensure the L/D nursing staff was on point and they were waiting outside.. Rushed my wife upstairs, 2 pushes at most and here we are a definite 5 star review later.

Look I could go on and on and on, but cliff notes time: Ashley is amazing, hire her, use her, she knows her stuff and she's EXTREMELY accommodating with everyone's needs/wants. If I could rate higher I would trust me." - Jared (Gilbert) - 4/21/16

"Ashley Wain with LoveBug was an absolute dream to work with. She was incredibly knowledgeable and sweet during the entire process, and the fact that she takes pictures during the process is an added bonus. My labor was a little complicated and she knew just how to handle the situation and how to talk to me. I will never have another child without Ashley in my corner. 
thanks so much ash!"

Posted 3/31/16 - Scottsdale New Mama

"Ashley was just what our family needed to help us with our first birth.  We hired her last minute and were lucky enough that she could take us on as clients.  During the whole process she was right there with us and answered all of our questions.  During the birth she really helped my wife focus on the process.  My wife had some previous traumatic medical experiences which made it very difficult for her in the hospital.  Ashley was able to focus my wife and help her stay clam and power through the birth with flying colors.  As a husband I really needed Ashley there and she is definitely as much of a doula for moms as she is for dads.  Ashley made the birthing experience extremely enjoyable and made my wife so much more comfortable.  I will have Ashley as our doula for life."

Posted 2/8/2016 - Gilbert New Daddy 

"Ashley was such a huge resource for us. She provided my partner and I with some helpful techniques that proved to be useful during delivery. I was really amazed at how personal and comforting she was during the whole process. She really made our whole family feel apart of the process, even offering additional resources for postpartum. The entire time Ashley never over-stepped her boundaries with the doctors or nurses, which made it a much easier transition when going to the hospital. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who's looking for a doula that is thorough and personal. Thanks Ashley!" 

Posted 1/16/2016 - Chandler New Daddy

"As I approached my first labor and delivery, I was eager to ensure that I was as prepared as humanly possible. After conducting much research, I decided that having a doula as a birth support was an absolutely must. Three months post-birth, I am still so glad to have made that decision!

Ashley attended my birth as a support for another doula. Initially, I wasn't sure how having two doulas would go and if it was even necessary. After meeting Ashley, I was so happy to have her on my team! When we first met, I was immediately struck by Ashley's warm nature - you will notice it right away. Ashley is inherently caring and brings her compassion to the birthing room. Birth is quite the wild experience and it is easy to feel a bit lost in the chaos of the moment - it was so very helpful to have a experienced guide with me in the room. In addition to her warmth, Ashley is strong and determined - she brings the perfect balance of firm encouragement and gentle nurturing. 

The presence of doulas also enabled my husband to be more involved in the process. Ashley helped my husband to see how and when he could be of a support, while also allowing him the time to take a quick bathroom break or get a few minutes of shut eye. Ashley is 100% dedicated on the job and is there to do whatever you need her to - whether that is running out to get your partner a late night snack or coaching you through pushes. While our entire team - midwife and nurses included - were incredibly helpful, they had other patients to attend to. A doula is 100% there for you throughout the entire process (Ashley even slept in a chair in our room!), which allows for incredibly attentive care from the first contractions to breastfeeding and post-birth care. 

I cannot imagine my birth without Ashley. Thank you, Ashley, for your support and guidance!"

Posted 1/4/2016 - Phoenix New Mama

"I can't say enough positive things about Ashley! We hired her very late in my pregnancy and it was truly the best decision we could have made! I always knew I wanted to VBAC with this pregnancy I was very determined to do so! I went through multiple drs before I found one who was supportive! Towards the end of my pregnancy I began getting very nervous and emotional as I wasn't making any progress and I felt my dreams of a vbac going away. Well in stepped Ashley, she met with my husband and I and talked to us about what a doula does and what o could expect. I immediately felt relieved, she gave me back the confidence I needed that I could have the birth I wanted! And my husband (who was not into the idea of a doula at first) felt so much more educated already after just one meeting! At almost 41 weeks I started having contractions I called Ashley and she was so excited and gave me some great tips on getting them to stick and become stronger! She stayed in touch with me the entire day checking in on me and pushing me to stay active to keep them going! Fast forward to late that night I had begun active labor, I was exhausted and not having a high pain tolerance I was a wreck! She came to my house and immediately started helping me get through them as well as helping to get them stronger and longer! I've never felt more comfort from someone I hardly knew! She also helped guide my husband to help me, which was a huge help and I know was super important to him because it made him feel needed and helpful. Ashley helped push me when I was ready to give up, she kept me strong and really focused on the birth I wanted. I truly believe if she wasn't there I never would have had such a successful VBAC. Everything about my labor and birth experience was new to me and it was truly wonderful thanks to having such an amazing doula! I would never want to go through a birth without her now!! If you are looking for an amazing, caring and knowledgeable doula look no further!"

Posted 9/28/2015 - Surprise 2nd time Mama

"I would highly recommend Ashley as a doula especially if you're looking for someone who is not super "granola crunchy" and more like a personal trainer of labor and delivery!

Really I can't say enough good things about her!

Thank you, Ashley! thank you!"

Posted 9/9/2015 - Phoenix New Mama

"If you are looking for a kind, professional, and dedicated doula, look no further. Ashley was wonderful! She gave my wife and I the confidence to have a successful vbac birth! She helped us realize our perfect birth plan. From the start she was well prepared and extremely knowledgeable. I could not imagine going through this process without her! I would absolutely recommend Ashley to any Moms and Dads out there!"

Posted 10/13/2015 - Surprise New Daddy

"Ashley was one of two doulas present at my daughters birth in August. I seriously would have thought she had been a doula for years.  She is so easy to connect with and it made it super easy to feel supported by her during labor.  She pushed me to walk to contractions to pick up (I was gently induced and attempting to avoid pitocin, which I did thanks to my birth team!!), helped me work though my contractions in so many different ways, was super knowledgeable about what my body and baby were doing and so much more.  I can't even express what a difference she made in the birth of my daughter.  I desired a medication free birth and even though I wanted an epidural at the end I know it was a because of my amazing birth team that I didn't have one and I had the birth I desired.  I am so thankful that Ashley was one of my doula's! " 

Posted 11/2/2015 - Phoenix New Mama