Inclusive Package

We always like to start with a free consultation with you and your partner.

When you think of a Doula, what do you think of? What do you envision for your birth? What type of birth do you want?  

Consider LoveBug your "travel guide", we don't tell you where to go but we show you how to get there.     

1. Around the clock support and advice throughout the progress of your pregnancy 

2. Referral guide: OBGYN's, Midwifery, Chiropractic, Lactation, Acupuncture, etc.

3. At 35 weeks we will have an in depth meeting preparing for the big day

  • We will do a childbirth tutorial that is specific to your scenario
  • We will review your birth plan and put it into the format that is best received by hospital staff
  • We will play a simulation game to fully prepare for labor at anytime of day. This helps eliminate anxiety and pressure of what to do and when. This will help you be emotionally and physically prepared
  • Review of comfort measures, breathing techniques, and coping mechanisms  
  • Natural ways to finish pregnancy and get your body ready for labor
  • Hospital bag necessities 

4. Day of labor - We are available as soon as you need the extra support and stay by your side until baby has arrived. We assist you and your partner through all the stages and phases of labor. Our goal is to always enhance the partners role and relieve the pressure for needing to know and understand all things medically and emotionally involved in labor.  

5. Photography (Optional) - During labor and delivery there are so many special moments that you may not always remember. By capturing these special moments, it allows you to reflect on the changes your mind and body had to go through to bring the new love of your life into this world. I edit these images and get them back to you via dropbox 

5. After delivery your doula will stay to help with latch support and make sure you and your partner have everything you need for the evening. If you choose to encapsulate, we will take the placenta when we leave. 

6. Postpartum meeting typically within 10 days. We review the big day and answer any questions pertaining to postpartum care of you and your newborn.